Why Urban Studies?


Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that offers an in-depth understanding of cities and processes of urbanisation. In Urban Studies, students find a liberal arts experience of immediate relevance to our urban age.


Students learn about many different urban contexts, processes and topics, and are taught a range of explanatory frameworks (economic, political, social, cultural and spatial). They develop important transferrable skills in critical and analytical thinking, written and oral expression, spatial data analysis and representation, as well as qualitative and quantitative methods for the social sciences.


We take full advantage of our Asian location, offering field-based learning opportunities in Singapore and the region. We encourage our students to go on study abroad programmes and offer targeted advice on opportunities that complement their Yale-NUS Urban Studies experience.

If you are curious about cities and human settlements, enthralled by their forms, energised by their cultures, troubled by their injustices, worried about their environmental harms, or enthusiastic about their economic and creative potentials, then you will find a unique opportunity in the Urban Studies Major.