Study Abroad

Why should Urban Studies majors/pre-majors consider study abroad?

Students can enhance their learning and exploration of Urban Studies by taking courses that Yale-NUS does not offer. For example, students can attend classes in a university that applies an architectural history or public policy approach to studying cities. These courses can count towards major requirements.

In addition, students can experience living and studying in another city, travel to and learn about other urban contexts, and improve their foreign language skills.

Note that students do not have to take Urban Studies courses. They can take other courses that interest them or that relate to Urban Studies, especially if Yale-NUS does not offer these courses.


When to go for Study Abroad

We recommend that Urban Studies majors who wish to study abroad to do so in Year 2 Semester 2 and/or Year 3 Semester 1.

While Urban Studies majors can go in Year 3 Semester 2, we discourage this because we conduct scaffolding work to prepare students for their capstones and conduct workshops to help them find potential topics and research approaches.

Prospective Urban Studies majors should complete YSS2220 Adelaide to Zhuhai: Cities in Comparative Perspective before going on Study Abroad.

Students cannot study abroad in Year 4 so that they can work on their capstone projects.


Where to go for Study Abroad

Students should talk to their Major Advisors, Urban Studies faculty and/or the Head of Studies to find out more about prospective places. They may have more experience of these places and can provide a nuanced understanding of available opportunities.

A list of partner institutions that urban studies majors have gone to, and some advice on them, can be found here. For the full list of Yale-NUS partner institutions, click here.


Petitioning for Study Abroad Opportunities

If a student wishes to take a course at a non-partner institution, they can petition for the opportunity.

For more information on when to petition for an opportunity, click here.

For information on the procedures to follow and the forms required when petitioning, click here.

A list of some opportunities that we recommend urban studies majors to petition for can be found here.


Study Abroad and Course Credits

Students can count certain courses they take, when they study abroad, towards their major/minor requirements.

According to Yale-NUS graduation requirement, students can take up to 20 MCs worth of courses for their major.

For minors, we would like them to take at least 2 out of 5 required courses in Yale-NUS and they should include YSS2220 Adelaide to Zhuhai: Cities in Comparative Perspective and YSS3222 Urban Theory.


Approval for Course Credits

You should seek approval from the Head of Studies (HoS) before proceeding for study abroad if you wish to ensure that you receive major/minor credits for their chosen courses.

If the courses you plan to take become unavailable, then you should email the HoS to seek approval before registering again.

If you complete your study abroad but did not get agreement from the HoS on how to count those courses, then talk to the HoS or Major Advisor as soon as possible upon arriving back on campus. If the course cannot be counted towards your major, it can still be counted as an elective.

The HoS is responsible for the signing of credit transfer forms.

Click here for more information on the documentation required for credit transfer.


Further Information

For more information on Semester Abroad, contact CIPE. A list of their FAQs can also be found here.