Summer Opportunities

Summer Opportunities

Summer Research

Students interested in research during the summer break can find opportunities to do so in a few ways.

First, students new to research can consider applying to the faculty-led Summer Research Programme (SRP). More experienced students can also approach faculty members and start a student-initiated project.

Second, students can approach Urban Studies faculty by signing up for office hours to find out more about the research they are doing. This may lead to opportunities to assist faculty members with research during the summer break or the school term.

Finally, students can search for opportunities on the Symplicity platform, which often lists research opportunities offered by the college and various private, public and non-governmental organisations. Research Assistant positions are sometimes also listed on the NUS Student Work Scheme site.

Summer School

As an Urban Studies major, you might find it beneficial to attend a summer school programme. Summer school programmes are a great way to explore applied aspects of Urban Studies, such as urban design or architecture or to build other skills. You can also connect with like-minded students and immerse yourself in a new city.

You may refer to these websites for some possible programmes for the upcoming summer. These include programmes in development studies, architecture and design and social science.