Singapore has a wide variety of organizations and institutions where students in Urban Studies can arrange internships. And we are constantly expanding these opportunities by adding new internships both in Singapore and beyond. In collaboration with CIPE, the Urban Studies faculty help students identify and connect with potential internship opportunities.

Current students in Urban Studies have arranged internships in the following organizations:


Diamanta LaviClass of 2017

Internship at FCL

“My team is working on a visual data platform that would aid policy-makers in making more informed urban planning decisions. I help out with data mining and translating of visual data (like maps) into quantitative data that will eventually be inputted into the visual data platform. I get to play around with Google Maps Satellite and Adobe Illustrator a lot, and I also learned how to use the Geographic Information Systems, as well as basic object oriented programming. As an Urban Studies major, this internship has really given me invaluable insight into the world of urban research.”

Timothy ChuaClass of 2017

Internship at URA

“I always thought that URA is a dynamic and exciting place to work in. Growing up and watching how Marina Bay transformed from reclaimed land to one of Singapore’s most iconic spaces inspired my interest in urban planning. I am attached to the Physical Planning department and am very excited to be working with the team in charge of the Rail Corridor. My most enjoyable moment thus far has been brainstorming ways to make a particular site more walkable and accessible.”