[Workshop] Urban Participatory Mapping Workshop

26 January 2019 (Sat) , 9:00AM-4:00PM
At Classroom 15

On 26 January 2019, Kota Kita Foundation led an urban participatory mapping workshop at Yale-NUS College. Speaking to over 30 participants, Kota Kita shared about their extensive work, projects and tools across Indonesia. John Taylor, the co-founder and strategic advisor of Kota Kita Foundation, talked about the principles that maintain the integrity of their vision, and how these inform mapping work done at Kota Kita. He highlighted the importance of the process in participatory mapping, interacting with stakeholders and developing solutions. Rifai, executive director and co-founder, emphasized that their work is to make the invisible, visible. Further, the Kota Kita team demonstrated the application of their work to a Climate Change Variability Assessment, combining their unique participatory methodology with the United Nation’s formula. The participants of the workshop took away pragmatic tips for participatory design, and gained tools such as a problem-tree to break down and understand what drives the problems in different contexts. Faculty and students at Yale-NUS also reflected on productive intersections between the Yale-NUS curriculum and on-the-ground application of these concepts in Indonesia.