[Speaker Series] SubUrbanisms

15 April 2016 (Fri) , 6:30pm-8pm
At Saga Lecture Theatre 1
Speaker(s): Stephen Fan

The expansion of the gaming industry has created new forms of urbanization throughout the world. In the United States, casinos now draw concentrated flows of capital, goods, and people into the urban periphery throughout the country. In regions with existing Asian populations, these flows of casino patrons and workers have also brought recent Chinese immigrants into these “sub-urban” areas.

By framing the expansion of the gaming industry in terms of the unique types of urbanization that have emerged within existing suburban communities, SubUrbanisms demonstrates how these Casino Chinatowns challenge the cultural, financial, and aesthetic assumptions, values, and norms rooted in the American suburban landscape. By documenting, interpreting, and speculating upon these urban transformations of the suburban fabric, SubUrbanisms provides alternative models to address the sustainabilities of suburban living.

The poster for the event can be viewed here