[External Collaboration] Future Cities Laboratory: Where Are All the Megacities?

14 September 2016 (Wed) , 4.00-5.30pm
At Yale-NUS Performance Hall
Speaker(s): Timothy Morton

Yale-NUS College hosted the first keynote address of the 2016 FCL Annual Conference. Professor Timothy Morton of Rice University delivered a talk entitled “Where Are All the Megacities?” in which he introduced his ontological theory of “hyperobjects”. Prof. Nick Smith served as respondent, applying Morton’s remarks to the study of urbanisation. The conversation focused on the city’s origins as a conceptual abstraction, which comes into being at the moment when one’s lived environment is no longer comprehensible through direct experience. This city has always been constituted by its representation through data, as planners, urbanists, and citizens seek to make their surroundings legible.