[Exhibition] Telling the story of Singapore by Spatial Reasoning

To be announced
At Yale-NUS Performance Hall Foyer

Starting from Semester II AY2015/16, in a collaboration with an external think tank, Yale-NUS College has jointly conducted a course, called Urban Spatial Reasoning, with the Future Cities Laboratory (FCL), a multidisciplinary research programme of the Singapore-ETH Centre focused on urban sustainability.

The course focused on the value of spatial reasoning in understanding urban processes and characteristics. Central to the course was teaching students to use computer-based Geographical Information Systems (GIS), a foundational tool for urban scholars. This was supplemented by lessons in perspectival hand drawing, analysis of remotely sensed images, and the use of a range of other novel cartographic and visual methods.

As part of the course, students ‘adopted’ a specific area of Singapore and used it as the basis for their final project, which is a spatial representation of the site’s prominent characteristics using pre-given materials such as a wooden panel and techniques learnt in the Fabrication Studio including laser cutting and 3D printing.

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