[LAB] London LAB 2019

15 July 2019 (Mon)

LABs at Yale-NUS

The Learning Across Boundaries (LABs) programme is a co-curricular programme developed by the Yale-NUS Centre for International and Professional Experience (CIPE) in collaboration with Yale-NUS Faculty. LABs are faculty-led programmes of short duration that allow faculty to share their scholarship with students outside of the traditional classroom and create an opportunity for students to explore themes of the curriculum in a broader context.

LondonLAB 2019

London has been a major human settlement for millennia: capital of the UK, a leading global city, and once the metropolitan heart of the British Empire. London is a city in constant transition and this LAB offered students the opportunity to see first-hand how London has changed as a city over time, in terms of its architecture, its morphology, its governance and its social make-up.

LondonLAB 2019 provided students an opportunity to experience a large global city and to see it through a historical and urban studies framework. Our students visited a number of key localities in London, each telling a different story of London’s ongoing regeneration and how that regeneration has responded to changing visions of development and transnational relations, including imperial expansion and postcolonial migration. Some sites we visited reflected slow, incremental urban transformation (such as immigration-led social change or gentrification), while some sites we visited reflected rapidly-realised, grand urban plans.

To learn more about the experience: http://londonlab2019.courses.yale-nus.edu.sg