[Event] Urban Studies Films Screening #1: High Rise

4 September 2019 (Wed)

Urban Studies Films is a weekly series featuring filmic representations of cities, both real and imagined. Future films include: Playtime, 24 Hour Party People, Of Time and the City, Chunking Express, Lost in Translation, Incurable Vice, Style Wars, Dark City, Brazil, Stalker, Donnie Darko, City of Lost Children, Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles, Detropia , and others…

On 4th September, we watched High Rise. High Rise is the provocative and stylish adaptation of the novel by JG Ballard, which satirises British class antagonisms against the backdrop of post-war Brutalist architecture. As with many of his works, Ballard imagines a very near future in which social order may rapidly disappear under the pull of human passions and irrational urges.