Course Selection Advice

Course Sequencing – Think Ahead!

We would recommend that students contemplating an Urban Studies major complete YSS2220 Adelaide to Zhuhai (Cities AtoZ) either in Semester Two of Year 1 or Semester One of Year 2, preferably before they declare into the major.

YSS2220 Adelaide to Zhuhai should be taken no later than Semester Two of Year 3, and cannot be taken in Year 4. YSS2220 Adelaide to Zhuhai is normally completed before the required YSS3222 Urban Theory, but can be taken concurrently in Year 3.

YSS3222 Urban Theory is only offered in Semester One of each academic year.

There are no formal sub-specialisations in Urban Studies. However, you can concentrate your interests by thinking about your course selection. Find out more about the modules that contribute to your interests by clicking on one of the pathways below:

Society and Culture
Design and Environment
Politics and Public Policy
Transnational and International Development

Methods Courses
Students in Urban Studies are required to complete two methods courses. These are courses with a strong emphasis on skill development. You must complete at least one course from each column in the table below. You may complete additional methods courses as topical course. Preferably, your methods courses should be completed by the end of Year 3, so you have the tools you need to do your capstone project.

Complete at least one spatial reasoning course Complete at least one other methods course
  • YSS3273 Geospatial & Demographic Methods in Urban and Social Studies
  • YSS3235: Urban Spatial Analysis and Representation
  • YSS3231 Methods Social Science (Recommended)
  • YSS2211 Econometrics
  • YHU3276 The Historian’s Craft
  • YHU2223 Documentary Photography
  • YSS3202 Ethnography

Note: YSS3231 Methods Social Science is highly recommended as it helps with the formulation of  a Capstone project

Planning for Study Abroad in Year 3
For study abroad in Semester One of Year 3: Students should ideally complete YSS2220 Cities A to Z and YSS3222 Urban Theory by the end of Year 2.
For study abroad in Semester Two of Year 3: Students should ideally complete YSS2220 Cities A to Z and YSS3222 Urban Theory in Year 3, before you leave for study abroad.