Course Offerings for AY 2019-20

Urban Studies Courses for AY 2019-20 (as of 07/06/2019)

This information may be subject to some change, but is as accurate as of date of posting. 

Semester 1 Semester 2
YSS2220 Intro to Urban Studies Relaunching as “Cities A to Z”
Prof Jacobs Required Intro/Foundation YSS2220 Intro to Urban Studies   Relaunching as “Cities A to Z”
Prof Jacobs  & Prof Zheng Required Intro/Foundation
YSS3222 Urban Theory Prof Cardoso Required Theory YSS3222 Urban Theory Prof Cardoso Required Theory     offered 2x every other year
YSS3231 Methods Social Science Prof Zuin Methods YSS3231 Methods Social Science Prof Zuin Methods
YSS3273 GIS and Demographics Prof Zheng Methods (Spatial Reasoning) 2 sections available
Urban Studio Capstone Prof Jacobs Required 4000 Urban Studio Capstone Individual Advisors Required 4000
YSS3245 Key Debates in Urban Planning and  Policy Prof Smith Topical 3000 YSS4234 Urban Heritage: Place, Memory, Identity Prof Jacobs Topical 3000
YSS3250 Cityscapes & Urban Form Prof Jacobs & Prof Comaroff & Prof Marshall Topical 3000 or Methods (Spatial Reasoning) YSS3269 Water & Waste in Urban Environments Prof Zuin Topical 3000
YSS3246 Cities of the Global South Prof Zuin Topical 3000 YSS4247 Transnational Urbanism Prof Cardoso Topical 4000
YSS4220 Housing and Social Inequality Prof Chua Topical 4000 YSS3274 Urban Singapore Prof Chua Topical 3000
Methods Courses

Students in Urban Studies are required to complete two methods courses, one of which must meet the “spatial reasoning” requirement. In AY2019/20 there are two courses that meet the spatial reasoning requirement: Semester 1, Cityscapes and Urban Form (note: if you have fulfilled your spatial reasoning methods requirements already you can also take as a topical course) and Semester 2, GIS and Demography. Methods in Social Sciences is ONE way of fulfilling the second required methods course, and is highly recommended as taught by a member of the Urban Studies team. You can also select from any of the following recognized courses, or seek approval for other Yale-NUS or NUS methods courses. Students are also encouraged to take additional methods courses as part of their non-major electives choices, so they build their skills.

  • YSS2211 Econometrics
  • YHU3276 The Historian’s Craft
  • YHU2223 Documentary Photography
  • YHU2215 Drawing Methods
  • YSS3202 Ethnography

Requirements Reminder for Urban Studies

Introduction to Urban Studies

Urban Theory

2 Methods courses (we strongly recommend GIS & Demographics and Methods in Social Sciences, but you should mix and match your methods according to what skills you want to acquire and what you need for your capstone)

5 Topical courses, with at least 1 4000-level course

The Capstone Project