Course Offerings for AY 2019-20

Urban Studies Courses for AY 2019-20 (as of 14/10/2019)

This information may be subject to some change, but is as accurate as of date of posting. 

Semester 1 Semester 2
YSS2220 Intro to Urban Studies Relaunching as “Cities A to Z”
Prof Jacobs Required Intro/Foundation YSS2220 Adelaide to Zhuhai: Cities in a Comparative Perspective (“Cities A to Z”)
Prof Jane M Jacobs  & Prof Chen Zheng Required Intro/Foundation
YSS3222 Urban Theory Prof Cardoso Required Theory YSS3222 Urban Theory Prof Ricardo Cardoso Required Theory     offered 2x every other year
YSS3231 Methods Social Science Prof Zuin Methods YSS3231 Methods Social Science Prof Valentina Zuin Methods
YSS3273 Geospatial & Demographic Methods in Urban and Social Studies (GIS)
Prof Chen Zheng Methods (Spatial Reasoning) 2 sections available
Urban Studio Capstone Prof Jacobs Required 4000 Urban Studio Capstone Individual Advisors Required 4000
YSS3245 Key Debates in Urban Planning and  Policy Prof Smith Topical 3000 YSS4234 Urban Heritage: Place, Memory, Identity Prof Jane M Jacobs Topical 4000
YSS3250 Cityscapes & Urban Form Prof Jacobs & Prof Comaroff & Prof Marshall Topical 3000 or Methods (Spatial Reasoning) YSS3235: Urban Spatial Analysis and Representation Prof Joshua Comaroff Methods (Spatial Reasoning) 3000
YSS3246 Cities of the Global South Prof Zuin Topical 3000 YSS4247 Transnational Urbanism Prof Ricarodo Cardoso Topical 4000
YSS4220 Housing and Social Inequality Prof Chua Topical 4000 YSS3274 Urban Singapore Prof Chua beng Huat Topical 3000
YSS3218 Urban ASEAN: The Changing Southeast Asian City Prof Justin Stern Topical 3000

Methods Courses
Students in Urban Studies are required to complete two methods courses, at least. These are courses with a strong emphasis on skill development. One of these methods courses must be tagged as meeting a “spatial reasoning” requirement. Preferably, these courses should be completed  by the end of Year 3.

We strongly recommend students take the following methods course combination:
• YSS3273 Geospatial & Demographic Methods (GIS)
• YSS3231 Methods Social Science.

However, students can mix and match their methods choices, according to what skills they want to acquire, their talents, and what they may need for their capstone study. For example, a student with more visual and design interests might select this combination:
• YSS3235: Urban Spatial Analysis and Representation
• YSS3231 Methods Social Science

Students can also take more than two methods courses if they wish, switching a methods course in for a topical course, with the permission of the Head of Study.

Currently, these courses meet the spatial reasoning requirement:
• YSS3250 Cityscapes & Urban Form
• YSS3273 Geospatial & Demographic Methods in Urban and Social Studies
• YSS3235: Urban Spatial Analysis and Representation

Students in Urban Studies can also fulfill one of their methods course requirements by taking one of the cross-listed courses below.
• YSS2211 Econometrics
• YHU3276 The Historian’s Craft
• YHU2223 Documentary Photography
• YSS3202 Ethnography

Students should discuss their methods choices with their Advisor or the Head of Study.